Articles about psychotherapy

Happiness is a gut feeling

The importance of a healthy microbiome is increasingly recognised as being vital to good mental health as well as physical health. One way to help achieve this is by including kefir in your diet. Looking like a kind of rubbery cauliflower, kefir ‘grains’ are a never-ending source of healthy probiotics for our digestive system. Unlike commercial live cultures,they contain no added sugar ...

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On 4 January 2019

What is Counselling?

Change can sometimes seem frightening, but without change we can never grow or develop. Sometimes we may have strong beliefs, experiences or fears which make us reluctant to change. We may even at times feel something isn’t right, or doesn’t work for us but the thought of change can seem overwhelming. We know something has to change but are afraid of what change looks ...

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On 11 November 2015