What is Counselling?

Change can sometimes seem frightening, but without change we can never grow or develop. Sometimes we may have strong beliefs, experiences or fears which make us reluctant to change. We may even at times feel something isn’t right, or doesn’t work for us but the thought of change can seem overwhelming. We know something has to change but are afraid of what change looks like or feels like.

Counselling and psychotherapy isn’t about seeing someone who’ll make you feel better about yourself or tell you it’s wrong to feel bad. Neither is it being advised what to do in order to have a better life. It's about understanding yourself, your experiences, your thoughts and feelings and exploring them in a safe comfortable environment with someone who won't judge you or advise what they think is best. Together you can explore what change looks like, how it feels and what it means.

The process may at times be a painful. Hurtful thoughts and feelings that have been hidden for some time can surface as you explore what lies behind your current difficulties. This can be the beginning of the healing process as once they are explored those thoughts and feelings usually lose their power to hurt and hinder. This new understanding can help lead to an empowerment that can let you live the life you want. You can begin to make healthier, more appropriate lifestyle choices as self defeating attitudes and behaviours are left behind.

On November 11, 2015