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  • 13 Prince Regent Avenue Prince Regent Avenue
    GL50 4GB Cheltenham
  • 07579964220

Counselling and Psychotherapy - Jaimie Cahlil

Jaimie Cahlil is a long-experienced psychotherapist offering Integrative-Transpersonal Counselling & Psychotherapy. He holds his practice (weekday mornings & evenings) in Cheltenham. Jaimie's specialisms include relationship issues - with each person's relationship with their self at the core of therapy; existential crisis - including fear of death, and also climate/environmental change/crisis; spiritual path (down-to-earth way); creative expression & creative block; dreamwork (including waking dreams), stress, anxiety, anger, low mood... Jaimie Cahlil fine-tunes his work to the needs of each person who comes to him.

Photos from Counselling and Psychotherapy - Jaimie Cahlil

Counselling and Psychotherapy - Jaimie Cahlil in summary


  • Anxiety
  • Attention training
  • Client-focused psychotherapy
  • gender identity + transgender issues
  • Mental Health, Borderline Personality Disorder, Life Journey, Spiritual & Existential Crisis, Self-Assertiveness,
  • Relationship and family therapy
  • Stress and Burnout

Teaching methods

  • Body language
  • Conversations
  • Directed fantasy
  • Homework assignments
  • mindfulness & intuitive awareness
  • Working with dreams