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From time to time, we all experience difficulties in our lives. You may be struggling with relationship issues or be feeling sad, depressed, lonely or anxious. Often people I work with find it hard to identify what it is that makes life challenging, but they just feel that things can't go on this way anymore.


If this sounds like you, why not get in touch? I am an experienced Counselling Psychologist who has worked for over a decade within the NHS, at the Priory and in private practice.


No matter what you are seeking help with, I will give you a safe and confidential place where you will be listened to seriously, thoughtfully, compassionately and without judgement. Together, we will discover ways to overcome the obstacles in your life so that you can move forwards. The approach I will take will be uniquely tailored to meet your needs.


In order to become a chartered psychologist, I undertook six years of rigorous training. I was attracted to my profession because it combines therapeutic practice with the scientific discipline of psychological theory and research. I have been trained in three evidence-based psychological therapies: psychodynamic, cognitive behavioural therapy and humanistic. I continue to keep my knowledge up-to-date through regular professional training.


I have found that many people considering therapy are often baffled by the array of different professionals they can choose from: counsellors, psychotherapists, psychological therapists, psychologists etc. and the plethora of approaches they offer. In my experience, and what decades of psychological research suggest, it is the relationship between therapist and client which is crucial, not the therapist's technical approach or professional title. What this means in practice is that it is important for you to find the right therapist for you, someone you feel you can trust and work well with; that is why I suggest we meet for a preliminary meeting so you can judge for yourself whether I am the best person to meet your needs.


In addition to personal therapy, I offer clincial supervision to mental health practioners and trainees. Please contact me for further information.

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Client-focused psychotherapy
Divorce problems
Psychodynamic Therapy
Stress and Burnout

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Insight Therapy

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