Judith Sharpe Hynotherapist & Psychotherapist

1 Aughton Ormskirk L395DP
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About Judith Sharpe Hynotherapist & Psychotherapist

Judith is a Hypnotherapist and Psychotherapist using, CBT and Mnemodynamics ( which is going back to the inner child). 

She has been in practice for 17 years, she has a Dyploma DHP and Post Graduate Dyploma PGDHP in Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy.  She works from home and The Feel Good Cinic in Ormskirk.

Judith is also a Registered General Nurse having worked for the NHS and private sector for many years.

She helps Clients to STOP Smoking in 1Session, to LOSE Weight in 2 sessions, most of all she treats clients. Suffering from Panic attacks, Axiety, Depression, Phobias, Obsession thoughts, Insomnia, OCD, Relatioship Problems, Abuse, Low self esteem and Confidence, ED.  To find out more go to my web site: www. ormskirkhypnotherapy.co.uk.

Judith Sharpe Hynotherapist & Psychotherapist in short


Attention training
Behavioural and cognitive therapy
Career guidance
Child and youth psychotherapy
Client-focused psychotherapy
Divorce problems
Group therapy
Relationship and family therapy
Stress and Burnout