Psychotherapy and Counselling North West

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About Psychotherapy and Counselling North West

We can go through life making decisions about ourselves, others and the world which at times seem to limit our opportunities in life.

Psychotherapy can help you to understand the reasons for making those decisions...and help you to identify the changes necessary for you to live the life that you now want.

If you are affected by depression inc. Post natal depression , anxiety, phobias, trauma, violence, abuse, addiction to drugs, alcohol, gambling or food; grief and loss, low self esteem/ self worth or relationship problems and wish to talk to someone in confidence then phone or text Amanda on 07984304405.

Psychotherapy and Counselling North West in short


Attention training
Client-focused psychotherapy
Divorce problems
Relationship and family therapy
Stress and Burnout
Transactional Analysis

Teaching methods

Body language
Directed fantasy
Homework assignments
Working with dreams