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  • 112 Friern Road
    SE22 0AX London
  • 07947 029 132
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Sandra Black Psychotherapy

Psychotherapy offers a safe and confidential space where together we can address your concerns, fears, hopes and desires. In my practice in South London I have worked with actors, artists, teachers, priests, social workers, psychiatrists, barristers, broadcasters, couples.

Unusually, my practice brings together a synergy of over 25 years of psychoanalytic practice (with its focus on the Unconscious, insight, and emotional rapport with the therapist); together with profound Body-Work in Primal Integration Therapy; the ITEC qualification in Massage, Anatomy and Physiology,  my trainings in the emerging Meridian and Energy Therapies.

This psychotherapist in short


  • Client-focused psychotherapy
  • Divorce problems
  • Emotional Freedom Techniques.
  • Psychoanalysis

Teaching methods

  • Body language
  • Conversations
  • EFT and energy therapies
  • Working with dreams